Join OpsClinic at the 10th Annual APEC SMETC Conference in Shenyang, China, June-27-29th 2018

OpsClinic is honored to participate in the 10th Annual APEC SMETC Conference in Shenyang, China on June 27-29th, 2018. We are excited to attend the conference with other selected companies representing the American economy, as well as over 21 other APEC member economies attending the event. Together, we share the goal of developing trade, innovation and cultural exchange.

The 10th Annual APEC SMETC Conference is co-organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the People’s Government of Liaoning Province. Alongside its participants, OpsClinic shares the purpose of deepening the pragmatic cooperation between Small & Medium Enterprises within the United States and China to enhance international trade and sustainable development. Please contact us for more information, or if you're interested in arranging a meeting at the event.